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Whether you trade in Forex, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies or Commodities, you must record your trades like all pro traders. Journaling your trades is the sure shot way to improve your trading and be more profitable.

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Like all professional traders, you must record your trades with as much detail as possible. This helps in understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a trader and subsenquently helps you become a better trader. Use Trade Central to record your trades for free.


Trade Central helps you analyse your trades by providing insights on what is working and what isn't. You can create strategies and see strategy-wise performance for your trades or you can simply refer to the notes or charts that you added to your trade journal.


There is no better way to improve your trading skills than analysing your past trades and learning from them. Use Trade Central to understand which strategies suit you better and which strategies need more work. You can also learn from fellow users (coming soon).